Chicago Jazz Festival/Other Upcoming Shows NYC and Akron

We are so excited to be joining the lineup for the 39th Annual Chicago Jazz Festival! We haven't played in Chicago since promoting our debut record "Get Em" back in April, so this is long overdue. Lots of great music all around for the festival, but we would love for you to come check out our set!

Chicago Jazz Fest
Sunday, September 3rd
Millinium Park, Nextgen Stage (Harris Theater Rooftop Terrace)
1 set, 2:30-3:15pm
(No tickets or admission fees)

We're warming up for the festival by playing two shows in two of our favorite cities, NYC and Akron, OH.  Please join us!

8/28/17--Rockwood Stage 3, NYC

8/30/17--Blu Jazz, Akron, OH

ALSO, check out another positive review for "Get 'Em" by Grego Applegate Edwards:


"There is a very enjoyable and moving straddling of past and present, innovation and respect for the elders, jazz art essentials and future movement instantiations. This is movement and it is also a joy.

Bennett seems destined for something important. This trio already is there! So check it out."


Check out "Get 'Em" if you haven't already, and we hope to see you at one of our upcoming shows!  

Peace and love,