"Best Jazz on Bandcamp"

We're honored to be featured on Bandcamp's "Best Jazz on Bandcamp April 2017" list! Thank you Bandcamp for the feature and the kind words:

"What’s particularly appealing about this trio set from alto saxophonist Tim Bennett, bassist Dan Stein, and drummer Peter Manheim is the way they exert a calming influence on what is, for all intents and purposes, high-octane music. The notes come flying fast and furious, but the cadence instills an almost casual flow; as a result, rapid melodic development unfolds at a pace that’s easy to follow and enjoy. It’s like watching a brilliant curveball or swift knockout punch in slow-motion, and being given the opportunity to admire a brutal act for its delicate precision. It’s a quality that’s neatly drawn out when they slow things down on “Endless Grace,” and holds true even on their clever deconstruction of Willy Wonka’s “Pure Imagination.”


Check out the full review here:  https://daily.bandcamp.com/2017/04/28/bandcamp-best-jazz-April-2017/