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Huge thanks to Dan McCleneghan at All About Jazz for his review of "Get 'Em".   Check out his review here

"Saxophonist Tim Bennett can be tagged the front man, as the writer of six out of seven of the disc's compositions, though the group's approach to making music is egalitarian..From the opening notes of "Vibin,'" the sound had a fluid, organic feeling. Bennett's saxophone style is pure, vibrato-less, in the fashion of Stan Getz or Mark Turner. He plays the straight story line of the tales; Stein and Manheim supply ambient turbulence, the storm clouds rumbling on the horizon of a pastoral landscape"

"Get 'Em" out TODAY

Today is the day! The official release date of "Get 'Em" by Possibilities. Check it out on iTunes, Bandcamp, CD baby, and wherever else you listen to your music. Also come celebrate with us tomorrow night, April 8th at Rockwood Stage 3, or in Cleveland, Beacon, Oberlin, Kenyon, or Chicago next week. See you there and happy listening!



Peace and Love!